The DIDEL report "Learning Experiments in the Libraries"

We have researched various models of learning offer and various types of educational activities available in public libraries in four countries that take part in the DIDEL project: Lithuania, Latvia, Norway and Poland as well as inspirations from all over te world. While compiling the report we focused on three thematic areas (multiculturalism, social innovations, creativity).

In the report you will find:

  • examples of educational activities in various countries addressed to adult library users,
  • case studies ad good practices,
  • elaborations on adult education in libraries: public libraries contribution to life long learning, successes and challenges,
  • data on current situation of local communities in the DIDEL project's countries: demographics, economy, education, challenges, basic rights, quality of life,
  • the European Union policy in the context of public libraries' activities.

We wish you good reading.